Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Comber 12th July demonstration

We took part in the 12th July activities in Comber today. It was glorious sunshine throughout - we started by helping LOL 1310 Banner of the Cross with their annual open air service in the assembly field. Those men can really sing when they get started! Thanks to Jack for asking us along, it was a privilege to be part of that outreach.

Later in the day we played our 'Robert Lowry Medley' on the main platform, just before the preaching which was handled very well by Robin. That sequence of hymns - 'Nothing But the Blood of Jesus / Shall We Gather At the River / Follow On / Saviour Thy Dying Love' always goes down well, and today especially 'Follow On' worked well with some of the gathered crowd! (some folk don't realise that the football chant 'Follow follow we will follow Rangers' started out as the hymn 'Follow follow we will follow Jesus'). And of course as Lowry's parents lived just down the road in the Killinchy / Killyleagh area this gave the medley some local significance.

Quite a few local churches were there today - a mix of tracts, tea, and trailer ministry by the local Free Presbyterian, Presbyterian and Baptist churches respectively. We have friends within all three. As well as these, the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland was distributing a leaflet 'More Than A Book' throughout the day, which tells the story of the King James' Authorised Version of the Bible which is 400 years old this year. Hopefully all of those efforts today will have found 'good soil'.

We're now on a bit of a musical break, with just a few low-key private things during the summer. Autumn begins for us with the Broadisland Gathering in Ballycarry on the first Saturday in September.