Sunday, 19 June 2011

Visitors from Tennessee

During late May and early June, Graeme and Judith hosted visitors from Tennessee, USA. Charles and Debbie Ross were in Northern Ireland as part of a touring musical event entitled 'Witness Ireland'. Here's an excerpt from their latest email newsletter:

From cool in Northern Ireland to hot  in Tennessee!!!! What a change! Yes we had an awesome time meeting online friends for the first time in person, sightseeing, singing, and ministering to one another and others!!!! In a most beautiful place!!! We were received and treated with such love by our host family, Graeme and Judith and their sweet children. It didn't take long to become 'family', and saying 'goodbye' was not easy. Each of the host families, church families, and especially our tour guide/manager/driver/, well, Joseph Beggs just is amazing! Thanks to you all for making this tour a success, and a trip Debbie and I, as well as all the artists I'm sure, will cherish always! You have a place in our hearts forever. I have attached some photos which do not begin to show the beauty of the country... the hues and shades of green are not describable.

So, as you might expect, we gave them some booklets about Ulster's historical links with Tennessee (Belfast and Nashville are Sister Cities after all).

You can visit their website here.