Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Does anybody have any favourites?

How many times have you heard this asked from the platform in a mission hall? Well, we're now giving you all the chance to make some suggestions for old hymns and songs you'd like us to record for our next CD. We've got a title for it already, the cover artwork is designed, and we're weighing up about 15 possible pieces. But there's always room for a wheen mair! So, if there's a piece you'd like us to try, email us and let us know. We might even record it as one of our next batch of 'Scullery Table Demos' and email it to you! We're in no rush to release the CD - no commercialised panic for 'the Christmas market'. If we get it out by then all well and good. If not, well maybe early in the New Year. Look forward to hearing from you! We'll tell you more in a few weeks time.