Sunday, 5 June 2011

Glastry Methodist last night - and TV forbye?

We had a lovely time last night with our neighbours at Glastry Methodist Church, sharing part of a special evening they had arranged for some fundraising. We gave them a supply of CDs for free, which they can sell to help with their project. A brave wheen were snapped up last night! Best wishes to the Hammonds as they take on a big big challenge in a few weeks time. And good luck to Nick McKnight as he heads on to pastures new.

We've also been asked to record some stuff for a TV programme later this year. Not sure if we'll do it (we turned down a similar opportunity last year) but it's always nice to be asked. Publicity like that has its dangers, you can end up on a slippery slope where you start to believe the hype. We'll give it some thought and we'll see what happens.

Next stop - a nice quiet summer with an appearance at the Comber 12th July Demonstration Field, and then the Autumn season begins with the brilliant Broadisland Gathering Ulster-Scots Family Festival in Ballycarry, Co Antrim. More on these coming soon!