Sunday, 29 May 2011

A letter from America

We get emails from people in different parts of the country, Scotland and occasionally from the USA as well. Here are some excerpts from two emails we've received this weekend from Wanda Martin who lives in Memphis, Tennessee:

"... I have to tell you I listened to you sing In the Sweet Bye and Bye and my mouth fell open. It is so amazing that you sound just like us here in the South. I'm a grandmother and I grew up on those songs (I was born in South Carolina, now live in Tennessee). I honestly wouldn't have known where you are from if I hadn't been reading at your site. Are you sure you're not from the Carolinas, Georgia, TN or Virginia? I still double checked to make sure you didn't have some of our people visiting. Seriously, it's amazing ..."

"... would swear before God you were born and bred in the South if I just had your music to go by..."

"... I can tell you I felt a real bond when I found your site. It was like an affirmation of my heritage. It's one thing to have my great Aunt (who did some of our genealogy) say that we had ancestors who were Scotch-Irish and came on a ship from Belfast. You think "Well, that's cool" but she wasn't there and how certain are we? Then after hearing you, I'm thinking "We came from wherever he is"... it just feels right ..."

It's great to be able to make connections with people with Ulster-Scots roots. Music, culture and faith are magnetic, drawing people together. Wanda has even offered to give us a guided tour of Memphis if we ever go back to the USA!