Thursday, 12 April 2012

Soda Farls and Redemption Songs at the People's Hall, Portavogie

We had a great time at the four night mission at the People's Hall. With simple preaching (the best sort) from David Boyd, and with a big tea of home-made grub laid on afterwards, we mostly played old hymns from Redemption Songs for the congregation to sing along with. 'Soda Farls and Redemption Songs' wasn't just a title or a gimmick, it's actually how our community lives, and the mission was a good example of that. It was good to see the People's Hall well filled every night, and many old faces from the locality who we hadn't seen in a fair while and who spoke with us afterwards, encouraging us in our efforts. Early indications are that another similar mission will be held next year and we'll be back again! We're now on a scheduled slow-down as we head into the brighter evenings of April, May and June, other things to do and plans to put into action. Stay in touch.