Sunday, 23 October 2011

Great night at Granshaw!

We were at Granshaw Presbyterian Church near the La Mon Hotel last night; it was one of those night where it all just seemed to click - mandolin stayed in tune, didn't forget any words, singing was about as good as we can get it, the man on the sound desk did a superb job, lots of great conversations with people afterwards - just a joy to have been there. So lots more invitations coming our way, and people asking all the time about the next CD!

Also playing last night were the inimitable Mr Kenny Archer, Nigel Black (accordion - and poetry reader forbye - anybody who reads old John Clifford poems is all right with us!), Elaine Allen (tin whistle) who played individually in the first half, and then as a duo in the second half and were superb, and Orla Bell, a fiddle player with amazing skill and talent never mind a wide repertoire. Her versions of 'In Christ Alone' and 'Beneath the Cross of Jesus' were captivating, we could have listened to her, and to Jane on piano accompaniment, all night.

So, next for us are three dates 'into the west' at Knocknamuckley, Lisburn and Craigavon, and then two in Belfast in early December. Then two months off to get Christmas over us, and back to it again with 4 dates in February! Thanks to everybody we've met this year - hope to see you again soon.