Friday, 26 November 2010

Going global!

One of the amazing things about the age we live in is just how small the world has become. Here are three examples:

• We're now in touch with the descendants of Duncan McNeill, a great Scottish gospel singer of the 1920s. We've got some of his records, and have also recorded three of his songs over the years. He has descendants in Scotland, South Africa and Chicago, who we are now in touch with. With the family's help we hope to put together a biography of Duncan in 2011, and to bring his story to today's generation

• We get emails from the USA a few times every month, most recently from Nigel Ewan in Columbus, Ohio. In one of Nigel's emails, he said "...I am so fond of the theological meat in old church music, especially the music of the Presbyterian tradition, but so often it has been recorded in a bland or cheesy style. Your music is worshipful in its lyrics, and beautiful in its style and craftsmanship. The perfect combination! I wish that more people were doing the kind of thing you are..." - quite a compliment! He's encouraging his friends to sing our music at his church Bible study!

• Last but certainly not least, the photo below is of our good friend Robin Fairbairn on his recent trip to Australia (who was advertised as an "international speaker" at the churches he visited!), presenting a copy of "Soda Farls and Redemption Songs" to Lily Thompson, originally from Kells in County Antrim, but who has been living in Australia for 58 years and still has her Ulster-Scots accent. Lily's family tradition is that her ancestors were Covenanters, driven out of Scotland by religious persecution. Robin took six copies of the CD to Australia, and all are being put to good use.