Sunday, 22 August 2010

GospelFest and Portstewart!

We've had a brilliant weekend, firstly up at Portstewart Town Hall on a sunny Friday night for John Morrison's annual radio ministry concert - he broadcasts all over Ireland on independent stations like Radio North. Also performing were the trio 'Justified' and Martin Moore. We also bumped into Mark Carmichael and Soul Purpose who were in the audience. The following evening we were at GospelFest near Banbridge with Live Issue. Both venues were packed to the doors, about 350 people in attendance each night. We played more or less the same 10-song selection on both evenings and had a great time meeting old faces and getting to know new ones forbye. Some folk even came to see us on both evenings, and one couple we spoke to had driven all the way from Buckna to Banbridge. Thanks to John for inviting us up to Portstewart, and to Roy, Colin, Sam, Sam and Carl from Live Issue for making us part of their evening - we even joined them onstage for a few old classic gospel medleys! Next Sunday evening (29th August) we'll be at the People's Hall in Portavogie, and the following Friday night back up to Porstewart again. We're in for a busy Autumn, but we're enjoying these opportunities to play, to meet folk and to present the simple gospel message of Jesus.