Monday, 31 May 2010

Portavogie Primary School event

Last week we were asked to join the line-up at a great wee evening at Portavogie Primary School which happened last Thursday evening. The place was packed to the rafters with weans and families, we were on last and got a great reception. It was lovely to meet some folk again who we haven't seen in donkeys years and we stood and yarned for ages afterwards.

Thanks to the Kim, Pamela, Caroline and the other teaching staff for inviting us, and to Mark Anderson for joining in with the tin whistle on "Some Say the Divil's Deid"! (a wee nonsense song that our grandparents sang to our parents when they were growing up). Some folk made a point of thanking us for playing "The Portavogie Boys" which is also known as "The Fishermen of County Down". Caroline taught both of us at Ballyeasborough Primary School 30-odd years ago, so we made a point of getting her to stand up for a big round of applause! Great to see a local community coming out and supporting the cultural and heritage work that the school has now enthusiastically taken on. It's always enjoyable for us to play so close to hame.