Monday, 3 May 2010

More launch night details!

Word seems to be spreading fast about the launch night, so all being well we'll have a good crowd and the communal singing will be all the better! The music will last for about 45min to an hour and will be divided equally in two - us playing songs from the CD for half of the evening, and good communal singing from "Redemption Songs" for the other half. We're going to bring a few boxes of hymnbooks with us for folk to share. McKee's are going to leave the restaurant tables in position, and wlll be serving tea and shortbread to your table throughout the evening. During the singing their bakers will be making the soda bread, which will be served fresh and warm to your table at the end of the music!

The cd (shown here - click to enlarge) will be on sale for £10.00. We've worked hard on the packaging and booklet - the CD even has a soda farl printed on it! Hope to see you on Friday evening - music starts at 7.30!