Saturday, 12 December 2009

"Jesus My Saviour to Bethlehem Came" - footerin' at the scullery table with Charlie

Here's a wee clip of my younger son Charlie, joining me on the old hymn "Jesus My Saviour to Bethlehem Came". I was plunkin' away at the kitchen table when he came and joined in, so we decided to get the camera out. It's number 115 in Redemption Songs. You can get the lyrics here.

Nobody knows who wrote the words, but the tune was written by Emerson E Hasty and it was first published in 1878 in an American hymnal called Good Will by Towne and Stillman. In the gospel halls and mission halls Graeme and I grew up in there was no such thing as a Christmas Morning service, but with the first verse of "Jesus My Saviour" being about Christ's birth, it was a regular at the usual weekly meetings on the run-in to Christmas. Bringing up children is a huge responsibility. I hope we're managing to instill the right values and beliefs in our three, including through the songs we sing and play in the house.