Thursday, 28 May 2009

Demos and Dates

(You might know of us from our time with the Low Country Boys from February 2002 - December 2007. This is what we're doing now)

Right, so when's this album coming out? Well, we've recorded 16 demos and they're sounding okay, so we'll probably refine the arrangements and harmonies a wee bit more. The options are then to either a) take the usual route and book a recording studio or b) try something different - like record them all live in a wee hall somewhere with a single microphone. That might be more interesting, and authentic!

We definitely want to capture a primitive old-timey, lo-fi, mission hall sound, and something that's true to our live sound, rather than some perfectly-produced highly-polished and maybe slightly sterile thing.

Any other dates coming up? Yes, plenty! Full list of Autumn dates will be added sometime soon once we've firmed them up - keep checking back!