Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The original Low Country Boys - CDs

If you have either of these CDs - Gran Time Comin (2005) and Sangs O Bairns an Hame (2006), then you'll be familiar with our music already. You may even have seen us in concert or on TV over the years, or in many of the YouTube videos that are still online. Mark and Graeme were the "frontmen" and lead vocalists of the original Low Country Boys, but we left around December 2007. We are no longer with the Low Country Boys. Some folks have gone to see the current Low Country Boys line-up expecting us to be there - we apologise for any confusion and perhaps disappointment.

However, if you liked our vocal style and the guitar/mandolin sound, and the bluegrass gospel Ulster-Scots and Ulster-American influence, then you'll like what we now do as "The Thompson Brothers". Stay in touch!